Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Bubble tea

To me, Bubble Tea is overrated. I don't hate them but I don't see what's the big hype about it either. I mean if you look at the list of drink choices they have on the menu, the list goes on and on. Today, I decided to try the much talked about Horlicks Milk Tea. Of course bubble tea isn't bubble tea unless you add them pearls. So I did.

Anyone looking at me seated here would think I'm the auditor who came by to run audits on Chatime. I sipped and sipped and chewed on them pearls and I have to say this drink was messing with my head. You either serve Horlicks or Tea. I hate combos. The taste is pleasant but it's just confusing. Anyway I just sipped and focused on chewing my pearls which to me is the best part of the drink.

Speaking of the choices, it's like they gathered all the fruits, beverages, country names and started having fun with the blender. Hawaii fruit tea? QQ Grapefruit Juice? England Fresh Milk Tea? I apologize if I have upset most bubble tea fans out there. They should try my home invented 'masala' tea. Mind blowing. So says the husband. Plus, I think I should just stick to Milo. :-)

The above is my home made 'masala' tea. Threw in spices found in the kitchen - cardamoms, cloves, peppercorns, ginger and cinnamon sticks. Suited for the Indian taste buds but a fit for all!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Kid's Day Out

OK, so the weekend came by and disappeared so quickly. I feel like I need 2 more weekends to recover from the last. I am NOT exaggerating this time around.

While papa had a cricket game to go to on Sunday, the thought of me being alone at home with my 2 kiddos was just triggering anxiety attacks (OK I may be slightly exaggeration at this point) but it was nerve wrecking. All sort of thoughts went through my head, how would I cope, how if the both of them cry at the same time, who do I see to first, what If i had to go down and get the milk, what if Zachary decides to sit on his baby sister pretending he is riding a horse...well he has mentioned it so why wouldn't he do it. :-)

All that was just to much to handle, so I thought it would be a brilliant idea to organize a playgroup. That way the kids would be entertained even if it meant being indoors. I invited a few friends over with kids and another dear friend whom isn't married. I thought this would prep her for what she would be dealing with in future. That wasn't a smart move. She looked terrified by the end of the play date, stating that she would rather have her cats and dogs at this point. With friends and kids over, I didn't have to be alone at home. It went well. They had fun. My house looked like it was hit by a tornado at a few points but I managed to save the house. They played and played and fought and kissed and made up. It was the cutest thing for any eye to witness. It's time like this when you see s different sides of your child. His possessiveness over toys, him marking his territories and other petty things.

All in all, the mommies were drained out and couldn't wait to put the kids down for an afternoon nap. I almost couldn't feel my legs by 7pm. Of course my son was still running around. It's fun stuff, these play dates. :-)

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Let's ponder about something on a lighter note.

As I was doing the dishes, I just thought about how changes actually make us feel really good about ourselves. I don't mean hubands of course. A simple change, like a haircut. I did something I had never thought about in years. After months and months of blandishment (I know I'm making a haircut seem so dramatic with my choice of words) from Jason (the hairdresser) and the husband of course, I went for it today and boy does it feel amazing. It's super short. I don't know if I love the look yet but I feel different. I do miss my long hair. Every page on the magazines I was reading at the saloon today had pictures of gorgeous models with long silky hair. This was all while I was getting mine chopped off.

As I type this, I have a Sheryl Crow song playing in my head... a change would do you good. It did!

I turned 30 on March 11. I forsee lots of changes taking place. So far there are 5 major ones which I can think of and of course the haircut is part of the major list. Who says women should be sad about turning 30. I say bring it on!

A Change Would Do You Good

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


I know my friends realize it but they seem entertained when I share. Motherhood has made me see things from a different perspective. My children are the highlight of my days, be it a stressful or relaxed one. So cliche right? But every word of it is true.  Motherhood is no joke. Especially when you are juggling motherhood and a full time job.

Until today, my mother tells me that she cannot digest that her little girl is now a mother of 2. For someone who just bummed around at home, never helped in the kitchen, came downstairs to only have food laid on the table. Life was bliss. Today, I run around after my Energizer bunny of a son just making sure he has what he needs, forgetting that I also need to be there for myself. Meal times are 2 hours later than usual, interrupted sleep leaving behind eye bags and dark circles (thank god for eye liners).

On 26th May 2011, my life took a turn, a 180 degrees turn. A boy was born at 9.08 am at KPJ Damansara Specialist Hospital. I had to go through a C-section delivery. Until today, I cannot describe the feeling inside when I heard the first cry of my boy. It was priceless when I first held him in my hands. That was the day, my son, Aaditya Zachary Rohan entered our lives and is still making everyday special for us. He is now almost 2 and this scribbling is not about how he grew up. It's just an introduction to my 2 beautiful children whom you will be hearing a lot about over time. It's always nicer to put a picture to a face isn't it? This is him now when I asked him to make a funny face. Cuteness on a different level!

My husband (Rohan) and I had our days fully occupied with this little fella. It was a joy watching him crawl, walk, run. Watching him have his first fall wasn't exactly a joy. It was heart breaking. I cried me eyeballs out. I did. So sue me! :-)

8 months passed, and we were in for a surprise. A God-sent surprise which I did not know how to react to initially. Was I a horrible mother or a horrible person in feeling such, I truly am uncertain. I was pregnant again! This time the feeling was totally different from the first. Mixed emotions! I still remember sitting on my bed just not knowing what to do, and there was Rohan just seated next to me waiting for me to say something. I broke down. Why was he to be blamed, I don't know. At that point it just seemed like too much to handle. This pregnancy wasn't a breeze like the first one. It was tiring having to run around after Zachary as he was thirsting for my attention more and more as days passed. Mommy told me it was normal for him to feel that way as they can sense a new life that is about to be out soon. The space between me and the kitchen sink became larger and larger. I wanted this to be a surprise. After all, all of Zachary's clothes were of neutral colors. I bought him a mix of colors instead of going along with the blue for boys theory. I told my gynae to not tell me the gender of this baby. It was exciting as the pregnancy progressed. I began to feel an attachment to this little thing inside. Every time the family gathered, they would place bets guessing the gender of the baby. Rohan and I enjoyed watching this. Deep down inside, I'm not sure if I wanted a girl but I guess everyone wants a pair. I didn't want that to be in me because if it was otherwise, I didn't want to be disappointed. My disappointments would have made the baby feel a little of what we call rejection. I prayed each night for a healthy baby. One day while we were at the clinic, Rohan and I could not hold it any longer. I told Dr. Guna to just tell me. He looked at me, smiled and said "It's a princess". I teared. Tears of joy that couldn't be explained. Well, my brother may be able to confirm this but I am an emotional wreck. I cry watching episodes of Glee and Grey's Anatomy. So yes, you can imagine how I reacted to this. Somehow when I found it was a girl, I went on a pink frenzy every time I shopped. I just couldn't help it.

On September 28th 2012, my life took another turn. God was very kind to me, He gave a very precious dainty princess, and when I held her, it all came back to me. The feeling only a mother can understand. I looked into her eyes. They lit up. Apparently, babies in the olden days took a few days by the time their eyes fully open. My 2 lovelies came out with eyes open wide. We decided to name her Anisha Zara Rohan, a name that fit her perfectly. Yes you may notice their initials are identical,I took after my mom who was particular in naming her children. Geraldine Ann David and Gerard Alvin David. Good job mom! Thank god you changed your mind about Pamela. Phew! Now you can put a picture to the face of my princess who is a bundle, literally, a BUNDLE of joy. I'd like to call her 'Gundus'. But she shouldn't know it. So Dollface it is! This is her now at 6 months.

This is long overdue. I had everything playing in my head but never really put it down in words. I don't know if this is going to be too much to write but I thought I will start somewhere and take you back in time, revisiting all my memoirs. Pleasant ones, funny ones, unforgettable ones, and the ones that has made me stronger today. 

I turned 30 this year and I would like to believe that it has motivated me to start writing. I'm married to a wonderful man with a big heart and a face I just adore. We now have a pair of very entertaining kiddos, a 23 month old chatty boy and a 6 month old girl who is louder than any bunch of kids put together. 

This is us.