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Bubble tea

To me, Bubble Tea is overrated. I don't hate them but I don't see what's the big hype about it either. I mean if you look at the list of drink choices they have on the menu, the list goes on and on. Today, I decided to try the much talked about Horlicks Milk Tea. Of course bubble tea isn't bubble tea unless you add them pearls. So I did.

Anyone looking at me seated here would think I'm the auditor who came by to run audits on Chatime. I sipped and sipped and chewed on them pearls and I have to say this drink was messing with my head. You either serve Horlicks or Tea. I hate combos. The taste is pleasant but it's just confusing. Anyway I just sipped and focused on chewing my pearls which to me is the best part of the drink.

Speaking of the choices, it's like they gathered all the fruits, beverages, country names and started having fun with the blender. Hawaii fruit tea? QQ Grapefruit Juice? England Fresh Milk Tea? I apologize if I have upset most bubble tea …

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